Street trees are slated to be planted in the sidewalks in front of Humboldt Bay Inn, Dick Taylor Chocolates, the Co-op and Love Lights on 4th and 5th Streets this year as part of Keep Eureka Beautiful’s efforts to make Eureka a city of tree-lined streets.
Traditionally, the organization has concentrated on planting in residential areas but has expanded its program after receiving requests from businesses. Sidewalks have already been planted on A between 3rd and 4th Streets, in front of the Discovery Shop in Henderson Center and on 3rd Street behind the Red Lion. But only recently has Caltrans agreed to allow KEB to plant on 4th and 5th.
“The experience of other cities is that trees and landscaping slow traffic and draw people into commercial areas,” says Keep Eureka Beautiful volunteer Michele McKeegan, who heads up the tree planting campaign.
Although there is no charge for the trees or poles and KEB volunteers do the planting, there is a $100 charge to reimburse the City of Eureka for cutting each sidewalk hole. It is up the individual property owners to do ongoing maintenance.
Keep Eureka Beautiful is an all-volunteer organization committed to civic beautification. “Other cities have found that attractive cities are more economically vibrant and experience less crime,” notes McKeegan.
For more information, call Bev Post at 707-444-8147.

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