tree panting in EurekaWatering and care for your new trees
Keeping your tree healthy

Water deeply at least every 2 weeks, letting the hose drip slowly for 15 – 20 minutes, or using a bucket with a small hole in the bottom to let water drip slowly. Fill the white plastic pipe to get water to the deep roots.
Fertilize in early spring with a balanced fertilizer (10-10-10). Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
Layer on compost or chips to enrich the soil and discourage weeds. (Make sure mulch doesn’t touch the trunk, which can cause rot).
Weed tree wells. Weeds steal the tree’s water and nutrients.
Sweep up downed leaves in the fall so that they don’t clog the gutters.
Prune off any broken branches or branches coming out of the base of the tree.
Thanks for taking good care of your tree. Trees make Eureka a better place to live by slowing traffic, increasing property values and cleaning the air and water.


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